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Yamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχουYamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου
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Yamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου Yamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου Yamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου Yamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου

Yamaha MGP 12X Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου



Yamaha MGP-12X Αναλογική κονσόλα μίξης ήχου 12 καναλιών με FX

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Αναλογική κονσόλα ήχου 12 line εισόδων (6 mic - 4 mono - 4 stereo). Διαθέτει 2 aux sends, 2 μηχανές εφέ με ξεχωριστά FX sends, USB με δυνατότητα σύνδεσης iPod, νέους προενισχυτές μικροφώνου υψηλής ποιότητας (studio grade) με ξεχωριστό 48V phantom για κάθε κανάλι και έλεγχο των παραμέτρων των εφέ και των Hybrid Channels μέσω iPod/iPhone.





Στην νέα MGP-12X, μεταξύ άλλων θα βρείτε και ένα νέο πρωτοποριακό σύστημα που εξέλιξε η Yamaha το οποίο ονομάζει Stereo Hybrid Channel. Πρόκειται για πανίσχυρα dsp που δίνουν σε μία αναλογική κονσόλα τη λειτουργικότητα που μόνο μία ψηφιακή μπορεί να προσφέρει. Αναλυτικότερα, η Yamaha αναφέρει:


40 years of experience working with professional mixers has led Yamaha to offer a new way of approaching sound reinforcement in the digital age: the Stereo Hybrid Channel. Beneath the analog-style knobs and encoders of MGP Series mixing consoles lies a sophisticated digital control system—a fusion that combines traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital technology can offer. The MGP Series utilizes a powerful, proprietary DSP to provide three essential features that are staples of both installed and live sound applications. In keeping with the theme of analog simplicity found throughout the MGP Series design, each of these functions is readily accessible and available at the touch of a button. Featuring a mid-sweep, three-band EQ for nuanced sound control and high-performance onboard A/D and D/A converters, the Stereo Hybrid Channel offers unique functionality with superior sound.

- Priority Ducker
An invaluable feature for applications that require both public-speaking and background music, Priority Ducker allows a microphone to take priority over another sound source automatically, just by speaking into the mic. Stop talking and the other sound source is brought back to its original level, therefore no console operator is required for this simple yet valuable function. You can even adjust the ducker attenuation of sound source depending on your preferences.

- Leveler
This intelligent compressor “auto levels” different tracks from a sound source that vary in volume, providing a more pleasurable listening experience. Ideal for small events with un-manned operation of your console, Yamaha's proprietary DSP algorithm allows for extended play time without the worry of fluctuating volume levels distracting your listeners.

- The Stereo Image
The Stereo Image function seamlessly narrows the pan balance of the stereo sound source so that audiences spread over a wide area can enjoy a comfortably blended mix. This is particularly helpful for installed sound applications that requires background music. Using either of the two optimized settings—MONO and BLEND— Stereo Image ensures that everyone is in the "sweet spot" by providing a more optimally mixed sound to the entire space.




  • Mixing Channels : 12 Line Είσοδοι (4 mono και 4 stereo)
  • Group : 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus
  • AUX : 2 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
  •  Επιλογές Καναλιών :

Compressor CH1-4,HPF(100Hz 12dB/oct),

CH EQ(MONO) ±15dB(Max.):High 8kHz shelving/ Mid 250Hz-5kHz peaking(CH1-4,9-12)/ Low 125Hz shelving,

CH EQ(STEREO) ±15dB(Max.):High 8kHz shelving/ Mid 2.5kHz peaking(CH5-8)/ Low 125Hz shelving

  • OnBoard Processors : FX1:REV-X(8 PROGRAM, PARAMETER control), FX2:SPX (16 PROGRAM, PARAMETER control)
  • Είσοδοι Μικρόφωνου : MIC:6 (100Hz 12dB/oct)
  • Phantom power : 48V phantom power per channel
  • Line Είσοδοι : 4mono+4stereo, CH INSERT IN: 4, RETURN: 1stereo, 2TR IN: 1 stereo
  • Digital I/O : USB Audio USB IN/OUT: iPod, iPhone exclusive
  • Συνολική Αρμονική Παραμόρφωση : 0.02% (20Hz-20kHz@ +14dBu)
  • Απόκριση συχνότητας : +0.5/-1.0dB 20Hz - 20kHz, refer to the nominal output level @1kHz
  • Equivalent input noise : -128 dBu (20Hz–20 kHz, Rs=150Ω, Input Gain = Maximum)
  • Residual output noise : -102 dBu (20Hz–20 kHz, Rs=150Ω, Input Gain = Maximum)
  • Crosstalk : -74dB @ 1kHz
  • Απαιτήσεις ισχύος : 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Κατανάλωση ρεύματος : 45W max
  • Διαστάσεις : Π 348mm - Υ 143mm - Β 495mm
  • Βάρος : 7.5kg

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